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Murat Koyuncu

Personal Info

An alumnus of Bournemouth University in International Business with Economics, Murat brings creativity and marketing prowess to our team. With experience in e-commerce, online grocery, jewelry, production, and real estate, Murat’s journey began with a personal agency in the UK and now enriches MaxYieldco with his insights.

Murat Koyuncu, our Digital Marketing specialist, is a true digital virtuoso. He fearlessly wields the tools of the trade, from HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to the handy wizards like WordPress and Shopify. But he doesn’t stop there.

He’s a maestro of SEO, a master of UX-UI, and a wizard in the realms of Content Marketing, Social Media & Influencer Marketing, Email Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, Web Design and Development, and Online Reputation Management.

In the ever-evolving digital symphony, Murat conducts each note with precision, creating harmonious online experiences and ensuring your brand’s presence is pitch-perfect in the digital world.

Specialty :

Digital Marketing Specialist

Degree :

MA International Business with Economics – Bournemouth University

Training :

Licenses & Certifications

  • University of the Arts London – Digital Marketing Strategy
  • FCC- Responsive Web Design

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